Child Support Can be Awarded if Adult Dependent May be Able to Work in Future

In the case of Fitzzaland v. Zahn, an appeal of a Frederick Circuit Decision by Judge Niklas, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals ruled that child support was properly awarded for an adult autistic dependant child who may be able to work in the future. In Fitzzaland, the dependant at issue displayed vocational proficiency in a number of areas. In addition, the dependant had worked […]

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Only a Contract Will Protect A General Contractor From Being Undercut by Subs

The case of J.E. Dunn Const. Co. v. S.R.P. Development Ltd. Partnership decided by Judge Chasnow of the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland essentially held, in dismissing a counterclaim, that a contractor (in this case an independent project manager who contracted directly with a subcontractor for performance of the non-management construction work) is owed no duty by that subcontractor not to circumvent […]

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