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Frederick, and Prince George's
counties in Maryland.

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Bill Collectors

Stop Debt Collection & Phone Calls

What Should I tell Creditors that Constantly Call

If you cannot pay your debts that is what you should tell them. Don’t lie to them or make promises you cannot keep. Collection agencies must stop contacting you if you give them written notice and tell them to cease contact. Once our firm is hired, tell them to contact us. They will almost always do that and stop bothering you.

Our firm has handled hundreds of bankruptcy cases and can shepherd you through the many pitfalls that exist in bankruptcy. Internet petition preparers often charge as much or more than attorneys and do sloppy and unacceptable work. Our fees are a small fraction of the debt that is eliminated and are well worth the investment. Contact us at 240-833-22842 for Silver Spring, Maryland, or at 301-668-5111 in Frederick, Maryland, at 301-736-5432 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland or at 301-668-5111 in Columbia, Maryland.

We have Maryland offices in Frederick, Howard, Montgomery or Prince George’s Counties.

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