For child custody lawyers in Bethesda, MD, consult the child custody litigation experts of Wampler & Souder LLC. Our team is highly experienced in child custody cases, fighting hard for the best interests of your child and yourself.

From our offices in Montgomery, Prince George’s and Frederick counties, Wampler & Souder LLC serves the legal needs of the people of Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, representing individuals, families and businesses.

We practice all forms of family law in Bethesda, MD, and we practice it well. We capably handle issues of child support, alimony, divorce and mediation. Among our peers and our clients, and within the local legal system, Wampler & Souder LLC has earned a reputation for quality counsel for child custody throughout the entire process.

Our mindset is one of clear-headed aggressiveness, working diligently to secure the absolute best outcome for the single most important individual involved in the case: your child.

Wampler & Souder LLC is a team of attorneys dedicated to the service of Bethesda, MD, and surrounding regions. Our mission is singular, yet contains two equally important aspects: To provide competent, focused legal advice and representation, while at the same time ensuring that our clients’ economic concerns are appropriately addressed. As child custody lawyers, we recognize that financial capacity (or an admitted lack thereof) should in no way hinder our client’s access to essential counsel and positive results.

The idea of trust is central to Wampler & Souder LLC’s business philosophy. Not only are we trusted by the authorities of D.C., Maryland and Virginia to ply our trade as attorneys, we develop relationships based upon trust between our lawyers and our clients. That trust must be continually fulfilled in order for us to represent our clients in their child custody cases to the maximum possible level.

Once established by mutual listening, a thorough examination of the facts of a case, and a complete understanding of the goals of our client, we proceed with the delicate matter of child custody. Our team of trained, licensed professional lawyers get down to work, outlining the custody, support and visitation parameters we will work hard to achieve. This is what our years of education, and even more years of legal practice, has prepared us for.

Though we are the acclaimed experts as child custody lawyers in Bethesda, MD, Wampler & Souder LLC has the knowledge and resources to aid your cause in a wide variety of legal practice. Fields of law in which we are experienced include construction law (liens; contracts; debt collection), bankruptcy law (debt consolidation; Chapter 7; Chapter 13), personal injury law (wrongful death; slip-and-fall; car accident) and criminal law (DWI/DUI; drug possession; assault).

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Child custody can be a painful step in an unavoidable process. Wampler & Souder LLC understands your circumstances, and treats your case with the seriousness and gravity it demands, while keeping you prepared and informed all along the way.

Retain the professional child custody lawyers in Bethesda, MD, which will serve your interests the best; retain the Law Firm of Wampler & Souder LLC.

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