For compassion you can trust, expertise you can rely on and an aggressive, focused quality you’ll want on your side, call Wampler & Souder LLC for a family law attorney in Frederick, MD, who will work tirelessly for you.

The very subject of family law can be a touchy one, and whenever you are dealing with the challenge of a family law case – whether that be divorce, child custody, mediation, adoption, foster care, alimony/palimony (spousal support), trial separation, estate planning, wills and testaments, domestic violence, visitation, marriage annulments/dissolutions, common law partnerships and prenuptial/postnuptial agreements.

None of the above topics are comfortable, and the family law practitioners of Wampler & Souder LLC are fully aware of that fact. We use our expertise, knowledge and compassion to guide you through the process, educating you on the proceedings even as we diligently fight hard for your best results. Like we say, compassion combined with aggressiveness is a constant set of attributes which consistently sets us apart, in Frederick and throughout central Maryland.

Find out for yourself. For any family law matter in the city or county of Frederick, MD, or surrounding areas like Brunswick and Emmitsburg, we ask you to call us at your earliest convenience at 301-668-5111 and schedule your complimentary initial meeting with an outstanding, understanding family law attorney. We firmly believe that Wampler & Souder LLC is very likely the right decision for your family and its future as pertains to the resolution of your legal circumstance.

We begin by listening.

Listening, it’s always true, is imperative for understanding, and that evolves into unity of purpose and that engenders trust – and trust is the ultimate foundation for the philosophical mission of Wampler & Souder LLC as a law firm serving Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. – most particularly, of course, Frederick, where we maintain one of our three offices (Upper Marlboro and Kensington are where the other W&S offices are available).

Once we have discovered the facts of a family law litigation or case, Wampler & Souder attorneys team up with you and your involved parties to ascertain realistic expectations for what we can achieve which directly benefits you, your family and your children. This is where our vast realm of experience in Frederick, MD, really comes to the fore.

With decades of hands-on, in-court experience working with fellow attorneys and family law judges, Wampler & Souder LLC is easy to pick out as the intelligent choice for even the most intractable and challenging of family law cases – and moreover, we take pride in providing legal service with a heart, always ensuring that you are kept informed and demonstrating empathy for your issues. Rest assured, whatever family law situation you are faced with, Wampler & Souder LLC almost definitely has run into the same or similar in the past, and we know how to attack those problems with insight, knowledge and sincere compassion. It means a lot to us, and we hope to demonstrate how much our way of practicing law can mean to you too.

Law is – if we do say so ourselves – a highly skilled profession, requiring years of continuing education and experience with legal theory, latest precedents and actual-life cases. When you deal with the law, especially divorce, child custody and family-related law, you absolutely do not want to go it alone. Bring in the knowledgeable, aggressive legal professionals who can provide your family with the family law attorney ideal for your situation in Frederick, MD; bring in Wampler & Souder LLC.

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