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Resolving Debt With Bankruptcy

Many people in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia have found themselves overwhelmed by debt. Whether this is due to unexpected situations such as a job loss or a catastrophic illness, or due to credit card bills that quickly spiraled out of control, there is a way back to financial freedom.

Filing for bankruptcy can eliminate your debts and put you on a path toward reclaiming control over your finances. The bankruptcy attorneys at Wampler & Souder, LLC, have aided people from all walks of life to file for bankruptcy and help them become debt-free.

Is Bankruptcy The Right Choice For Me?

Many people worry that filing for bankruptcy signifies a failure on their part. They would prefer to try to get out of debt on their own. However, while this might seem noble, in many cases, it simply isn’t possible. The more debt you have, the more interest you will have to pay on that debt. Unless you can pay a large amount toward your debt at once, you will continue to owe a significant amount that keeps growing.

Getting a second (or third) job is not practical for many people, and while cutting expenses is useful, some expenses such as housing, food and other essentials cannot be eliminated. Bankruptcy is a way to eliminate debt and let individuals once again get their finances under control.

With bankruptcy, you can eliminate your debts, stop foreclosure proceedings, remove liens, stop wage garnishment, and no longer have creditors and collections agencies hound you about your debts. Our lawyers can help you determine if Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 are the best in your situation.

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