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Mechanic’s Liens

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If you or your company have been denied financial compensation and need to file a Mechanic’s Lien due to a failure to pay for goods or services, contact our firm immediately so that we can help you begin the lien process. The procedure for obtaining a lien differs depending on the state the work was completed in. In DC and Virginia you can obtain a lien immediately. In Maryland you will have to file a petition for a lien in the applicable circuit court. A hearing must then be held to give all parties involved the opportunity to respond.

Our team of aggressive and experienced attorneys is able to litigate construction matters before State and Federal courts in Maryland, DC and Virginia and administrative agencies such as The Maryland Home Improvement Commission, The Virginia Board for Contractors, and DC Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

If you have been denied your right to receive payment, contact us today by calling 301-668-5111 or by filling out our contact form located at the top of this page. Our firm can handles cases in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia .

Mechanic’s Lien Time Restrictions

You may lose your right to a lien in a s little as 30-120 days after the work has been finished or the materials furnished. an invoice remains unpaid (depending on the state where you performed work). In addition, if you have already obtained a lien, it can expire unless you take further action to enforce it.

Do not let time expire on your legal rights. Contact our firm immediately so that we can help you prepare to file a Mechanic’s Lien. It is essential that all lien paperwork be properly prepared in order so that you have the best possible chance of collecting what is rightfully yours.

Conceived by Thomas Jefferson to encourage construction, a Mechanic’s Lien exists to protect contractors. Without this type of lien, contractors would have a limited number of options to enforce payment. The law is on your side. Contact our firm today so that we can help you do everything within your legal rights to protect you and your company’s financial future and well-being.

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