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Debunking 4 common myths of car accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Dangerous car accidents occur all the time in Maryland. Take the case of a crash involving three vehicles on April 8th that resulted in the hospitalization of five people. 

Sometimes, crashes would have fewer long-term consequences if the drivers involved knew exactly what to do. Unfortunately, many myths persist regarding traffic collisions, and one mistake can greatly affect the amount of money someone receives from the insurance company. 

Myth #1: When the accident is minor, you can leave the scene

A fender bender may result in zero injuries and minimal damage, but that does not mean you can leave the scene. You always want to pull to the side of the road to check in on the other car. Even small crashes can result in injuries, so you still may need to exchange insurance information. 

Myth #2: There is no need to see a doctor if you feel all right

Many drivers do not see a doctor in the immediate aftermath of a car accident. The problem with this is that many injuries remain hidden at first. Additionally, with adrenaline pumping, you may not be aware your neck feels sore. It is best to play it safe and see a doctor, so you know whether you sustained any injuries. 

Myth #3: You and the other driver should work it out if you can

For small fender benders, you may encounter a driver who offers you money to not get the police involved. Always be wary of these arrangements. You need to look out for your own best interest, so never accept cash after an accident. 

Myth #4: The police determine who is at fault

A police report goes a long way in court, so if it is clear the other driver is at fault, then a report will help immensely. However, you still want to take your own photos and hire an attorney. Every piece of evidence serves as an asset. 

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