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Driver charged in connection with fatal car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Auto Accidents |

Most people will experience a car crash at some point in their lives, but most of the time the incident is simply an inconvenience. However, when car accidents prove fatal, the lives of those who loved the victims can change in an instant. This may be the case for more than one family here in Maryland, after police say a man caused a crash that took the lives of two people.

Police say the crash happened on a recent early afternoon on a local highway. Two vehicles traveling in opposite directions apparently arrived at the same intersection. Authorities say that a truck, heading north, did not stop at a red light and that it hit the second vehicle as it entered the intersection. Police say that the second vehicle was attempting to turn left onto a local road and was struck on the passenger side by the truck. The truck overturned and caught on fire, though the driver was not harmed.

The driver and passenger in the second vehicle, however, both died at the scene of the crash. Police say that their initial investigation revealed that speed and intoxicated driving factored into the crash. The truck driver has been charged with two counts each of motor vehicular manslaughter and criminally negligent manslaughter, though authorities say they have not ruled out the possibility of filing further charges.

However, criminal charges may not be the only way to hold this driver, or others believed responsible in a car accident, accountable. The families of the victims could decide to file a wrongful death claim against the truck driver and/or anyone else believed responsible for the tragedy. Those who wonder if this option is available to them may want to talk with an experienced personal injury attorney here in Maryland.

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