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3 seriously injured in head-on car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Auto Accidents |

A recent serious car crash here in Maryland has resulted in significant injuries for three people. Police admit they don’t yet have all of the answers as to what exactly led to this car accident, but they are working tirelessly to that end. For now, the outcome of this incident remains uncertain, but the public may be able to help law enforcement as they work to piece together what happened.

Police say that the crash happened on a recent evening on local roads. A pickup truck heading north allegedly crossed over the center lines and hit a sedan going in the opposite direction. Drivers of both vehicles as well as a passenger in the front seat of the sedan all had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

Local authorities say that they are still investigating the precise causes of this crash. They have even appealed to the public for more information. However, they have publicly stated that they believe driver impairment may have been a factor in this crash, as well as excessive speed and driver error. Although police haven’t confirmed which driver is at fault, often in these types of head-on collisions, the person who veered into oncoming traffic is held responsible.

Whether police file criminal charges in connection with this car accident or not, there may be another way to hold the person deemed at fault for the crash responsible. A personal injury civil claim may result in monetary damages if successfully litigated. Those damages could make a world of difference to victims in recovery and a Maryland attorney familiar with this area of the law can fight for justice.

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