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Costs related to a DUI can add up quickly

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Criminal Law |

Many adults in Maryland have found themselves at the other end of a Breathalyzer after a night out. They may think that a DUI arrest will simply be an inconvenience and that once their punishment is meted out, that will be the end of things. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true, as a DUI conviction may often have associated costs that accused persons never consider. Here is an outline of ways that a DUI can cost more than one might think.

The first category of expenses related to DUI are those that happen in the immediate aftermath. Many people end up having to post bail to get out of jail after a DUI arrest, and punishment often includes a fine that depends on the person’s DUI history. Even after a person deals with that, they may have to pay to get their car out of impound. Since many offenders lose their driver’s license, they will have to arrange for alternate transportation, which can also cost money.

After conviction, people typically see their insurance rates rise. This is not only because their rate for car insurance increases, but they might lose discounts on previously-bundled policies, making their costs go even higher. If the convicted person has to pay for any court-ordered classes or ignition interlock devices, they will be on the hook for those costs as well. Some have to pay for alcohol monitoring bracelets or urine screenings. The costs add up faster than people may have considered.

One justifiable cost that may save money in the long run for a person facing a DUI arrest is an attorney. An experienced criminal defense attorney here in Maryland may be an accused person’s best chance at minimizing the impact that a drunk driving arrest may have on one’s life. It will likely be money well spent.

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