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Making shared parenting successful after a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2021 | Divorce |

When parents divorce, children who are caught in the middle often feel like their world has been turned upside down. Studies have shown that children benefit the most when both parents are involved in their lives. This is a big reason why co-parenting, or shared parenting, is one of the most popular child custody agreements in Maryland these days. Here are a few ways to make shared parenting successful. 

Keep children out of divorce issues 

Children needed to be shielded from the struggles spouses face during or after the divorce. Parents should never vent about relationship issues to the children. Children process information differently, so be careful not to overburden them with things they can’t handle. 

Support each other 

To make shared parenting successful, both parents need to play equally important roles. Parents can facilitate this by communicating openly and giving each other maximum support. There will be many important decisions for parents to make together. Always be willing to communicate and address any problems before they get out of hand. 


Even though co-parents are no longer married, they still need to be respectful of each other, especially in front of the children. Remember, the marriage is over and this is about the children now. When children witness conflict between parents, it can cause emotional trauma and they will often leave unresolved feelings bottled up inside. 

Co-parenting after a divorce can understandably be tough. However, the ultimate goal of a shared parenting arrangement is to protect the best interests of the children and provide stability for them for years to come. The laws surrounding child custody in Maryland can be confusing. Parents who have questions about child custody or family law matters can benefit by consulting a seasoned and knowledgeable attorney.   

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