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Watch out for summer driving hazards

On Behalf of | May 19, 2022 | Auto Accidents |

Drivers should be aware of potential hazards at any time of the year, but different seasons bring unique risks. Here are three of the top driving dangers people in Maryland should watch out for as spring transitions into summer.

Bad weather

Summertime sees an uptick in thunderstorms and may even bring severe weather such as a tropical storm onto Maryland shores. Be careful when driving in heavy rain, as the risk of hydroplaning increases and you can easily lose control of your vehicle. Bad weather also impacts visibility, so make sure to turn your headlights on in the rain and look twice before entering an intersection.

Recreational drivers

In summertime, there are more people on the road heading towards the beach, the amusement park and other vacation destinations. This added traffic creates a hazard in the form of road congestion. There are also more of different types of vehicles on road, such as motorcycles and recreational vehicles.

People driving for recreation may also be less careful as they operate their motor vehicles. They may play loud music or drive above the speed limit. All too often, summer drivers put other lives at risk by driving under the influence.

Construction zones

The third summer driving hazard is the sharp increase in construction zones during warm weather months. Special speed limits often apply in these areas, so keep a close eye on your speedometer when driving through and past zones where construction is taking place.

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