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Divorce can have troubling effects on children

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Divorce |

It goes without saying that a marital breakup can be one of the most complicated and challenging events to go through. Divorce often creates emotional and psychological turmoil for the entire family. For kids, however, a divorce can be very scary and confusing. Here are some effects of divorce on children that parents in Maryland should be aware of.

Behavior problems

When parents divorce, children may attempt to externalize their frustrations. This often manifests in the form of conduct disorders and/or impulsive behavior. Children of divorced parents are also more likely to create more conflict with peers.

Mental health

Children who go through a parental divorce are at an increased risk for mental health problems. Children of divorce are forced to endure a myriad of changes to their family dynamics. Kids thrive in stable environments, and divorce is anything but a stable situation. As a result, studies have shown that anxiety and depression are higher in children of divorced parents.

Academic performance

Children of divorced families may also struggle academically. One study published in 2019 indicated that if the parental divorce was sudden or unexpected, the children tended to have trouble with school and academics. Conversely, the study suggested that children of parents whose divorce was likely or more expected didn’t seem to struggle as much academically.

As tough as the dissolution of a marriage is for adults, it can be even more tumultuous for children. For parents in Maryland who are going through or considering a divorce, it is recommended to consult with a trusted legal representative. An experienced family law attorney can help individuals navigate this complicated situation and provide much-needed clarity.

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