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The most common causes of divorce today

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2022 | Divorce |

For most spouses, their wedding day was full of euphoric feelings of blissfulness and wholeness. However, people may change as the years go by. All marriages inevitably hit rough patches. Sometimes, the marriage is damaged so much that reconciliation becomes impossible, and divorce is the best option. Examining why spouses get divorced these days could help many couples in Maryland determine what is best for their future 

Financial problems 

The most common reasons why spouses divorce today revolve around money problems. Financial issues cause stress, which chokes off communication and breaks down trust. Money touches nearly every practical aspect of life, so how spouses cope with issues surrounding finances can make or break a marriage. 


Having an affair outside of marriage is also a big reason for divorce. Infidelity fundamentally changes a marriage. It erodes communication and the breakdown in trust is rarely restored. 

Lack of intimacy and compatibility 

After the honeymoon stage wears off, marriages often become more about a deeper sense of love and belonging and less about physical aspects. This is normal, but intimacy is more than just physical. It involves paying attention to the other spouse. A lack of intimacy often makes a person feel rejected, leading to disengagement and, eventually, divorce. 

Help is available 

Being aware of what causes an unhappy marriage can help spouses in Maryland address issues in their own relationships. However, if divorce is the only option, speaking with a legal professional is often beneficial. An experienced family law attorney can bring clarity to a confusing situation while protecting the personal rights of the client.  

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