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Overcome depression and optimize mental health after divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2022 | Divorce |

A marital breakup is one of the most emotional and gut-wrenching things any Maryland resident can experience. Consequently, many who go through divorce also struggle with mental health issues, such as depression and/or anxiety, in the aftermath. Take comfort in knowing that depression and other mental health struggles are completely normal following a divorce. Here are a few ways to facilitate mental recovery after a divorce.

Maintain good habits

Following an emotional divorce, depression can be overwhelming and completely debilitating. So much so that it is tough just to get out of bed some days. Now more than ever, make a list of good habits to practice and stick to them. Good examples are regular exercise, adequate sleep and a healthy diet.

Family and friends

One of the best ways to heal from post-divorce depression is to spend time with friends and family. Reach out to them regularly and be honest with them about personal needs. Humans are social creatures. Being around people is a great way to optimize mental well-being.

Professional help

Do not be afraid to seek out professional help during this difficult time. No one should go through a divorce alone. Meeting with a mental health professional, such as a counselor or therapist, is one of the most helpful things a person can do after the end of a marriage. From a legal standpoint, divorce can be confusing and complex. Anyone in Maryland who is going through a divorce or has questions can get much-needed assistance and peace of mind by speaking with a knowledgeable family law attorney.

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