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Parenting teens through a divorce can be challenging

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Divorce |

For many people, adolescence is a time of transition and confusion. It seems everything is amplified during this stage of life. Teenagers often feel emotions and fears intensely and deeply, which is a reason why parenting teenagers during a divorce can be a unique challenge. Here are some ways parents in Maryland can help their teenagers navigate a marital breakup.


Nearly all teenagers who go through a parental divorce will have mixed feelings, but not all of them will react the same. They may have many questions, or they may put up a wall and refuse to open up. If they refuse to talk, don’t push them, but be ready to listen when they’re ready to talk. Teens need to feel loved and valued during this event, so give them undivided attention and listen to them.

Maintain the role of adult

After a separation, some parents choose to act like friends for their children rather than adults with the intent of getting closer to the kids. However, during an unsettling event like divorce, teenagers need the security of a parent instead of a friend who allows them to do whatever they want. Teens always need clear boundaries during and after a marital breakup.

There is help available

During a tumultuous life event like a parental divorce, structure and safety are the main things teenagers need. Every child will experience the effects of divorce differently, so pay attention to their signals and be ready for ups and downs. Parents in Maryland who are going through a divorce and need help can benefit by speaking with an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney.

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