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Tips for effective communication between co-parents

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2023 | Child Custody |

Many parents in Maryland who divorce choose to co-parent after their separation. Although divorce formally ends the marriage, the relationship between ex-spouses does not truly end in a co-parenting child custody arrangement. Co-parents must communicate effectively to make this arrangement successful. Of course, communication following a marital breakup can be a challenging process. The following recommendations may help to facilitate effective communication between co-parents 

Set parameters 

Co-parents should be on the same page about how they will interact and communicate. Decide on one primary channel to communicate about the children, such as phone calls or through an app. It is also important to set proper boundaries regarding the frequency of communication. If one parent is constantly bombarding the other, an argument will likely ensue. 

Leave the past in the past 

A divorce is an emotional event. Leave the past in the past and never bring the emotions from the past marriage into parenting. The marriage is over, and the relationship now should be strictly about the children. Holding on to anger, hurt and resentment won’t help the children at all. Be courteous and professional, and the other parent will likely reciprocate. 

Reach out for support 

Parenting after a separation is a big challenge. Do not be afraid to reach out to close friends and family for support. There is professional support available as well, such as therapists or counselors. Also, any parent in Maryland who has questions about parenting or child custody can benefit by contacting and speaking with a legal professional. An experienced family law attorney can provide invaluable legal advice relative to a client’s specific situation. 

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