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How does my divorce affect my children?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce could present significant changes in your family. Emotions usually run high during proceedings because most divorce matters could alter various aspects of your life. However, you are not alone. Your children could be in the same boat and are more likely to struggle during this challenging time. It could be a traumatic event from their perspective.

Their world is changing based on the decisions finalized during the divorce. Its impact could vary, depending on your children’s mindset and level of maturity. Your children could experience the following effects according to their age group:

  • Newborn to eighteen months: Babies are unaware of what is happening but can still feel the tension at home. It could make them clingy and irritable, causing recurrent tantrums. They could also experience developmental issues.
  • Eighteen months to three years: During this age, children are heavily dependent on their relationships with their parents. Divorce could disturb these bonds, making them act out due to their inability to understand and accept the situation. Kids this age usually show needy and selfish behavior because of the divorce, causing delayed development.
  • Three years to six years: Children this age still find it challenging to understand divorce. It could cause fear and resist the idea of separation. They could also blame themselves, causing negative thoughts and feelings that could manifest as sleeping problems.
  • Six years to eleven years: These kids tend to suffer from severe abandonment issues due to the divorce. They could also tend to choose a side and project negative feelings on one of their parents. They are also prone to isolation, depression and anxiety, manifesting as physical health issues. These conditions could include headaches, stomach problems and other symptoms.

Going through a divorce is tough on children. As parents, you should observe them and notice the signs early to help them adjust to your new family situation.

Transitioning could be difficult for everyone

Children thrive in stability. Unfortunately, divorce might be the opposite because it could disrupt their home life and family relationships. You should stay involved and help them adjust to life after divorce. If you also feel overwhelmed, you could seek professional help to preserve your and your children’s mental health.

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