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Knowledgeable Guidance Through Probate

When people pass away, a lot can happen, especially to their assets. Some people have wills or trusts in place to determine where the assets will be distributed.

At Wampler & Souder, LLC, we have served clients throughout all of Maryland & DC for over 20 years, and we look forward to putting our extensive experience to work on your behalf.

What is Probate?

Probate is a process where the will is carried out by an estate executor. If you are the executor, some of the tasks you will need to do are:

  1. Contacting all of the heirs/beneficiaries of the will
  2. Take inventory of any assets and debts while establishing their value
  3. Make sure all debts of the estate are settled, including taxes
  4. Make sure all records are detailed for accounting purposes

This process can take up to a year or potentially longer to do, depending on how complex the estate is. We help advise our clients on the most efficient approach.

Our firm handles simple and complex probate and trust administrations. As any disputes arise regarding the heirs and beneficiaries, we help alleviate the stresses of the probate process by using our experience in litigation.

We understand the probate process can be challenging and want to help you through the legal and emotional intricacies to resolve potential contests among the heirs and beneficiaries.

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