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Determined Representation In Domestic Violence Claims And Defense

There are many actions that could qualify as domestic violence. Abuse can happen between spouses, parents and children, unmarried partners or other family members. Domestic violence allegations are serious for everyone involved.

At Wampler & Souder, LLC, we know how complicated domestic violence cases can be. Our lawyers have dual experience representing individuals on both sides of domestic violence claims in Maryland. These conflicts can change lives, which is why we will advocate for you throughout your case.

How Do Protective Orders Work?

Protective orders, which are often called restraining orders, limit specific actions of an individual, such as:

  • Contacting the other party through phone calls, online messages or in-person visits
  • Passing along messages through mutual friends or family members
  • Appearing near the other party’s home, workplace or school

These orders can protect the safety of a victim of domestic violence. However, an order will also affect the daily life of the person who is subject to the order.

Therefore, courts consider whether to grant a protective order very carefully. It may be worthwhile to consult with a reliable lawyer if you seek or are subject to a protective order. Our clients rely on us to reach the best results possible in these situations.

Skilled With Both Civil And Criminal Claims

Whether as part of a divorce or in a standalone case, domestic violence victims may sue the other party in civil court. The outcome of a domestic violence lawsuit could involve compensation for the victim’s physical and emotional injuries. The defendant in civil claims can either defend themselves in trial or attempt to settle out of court.

Criminal domestic violence charges follow a different process than civil lawsuits. The individual charged may face criminal penalties for assault and battery. However, they have a chance to defend themselves.

It is important to note that civil and criminal cases are separate; even if a party succeeds in one case, it does not guarantee that they will succeed in the other. Our trusted trial attorneys can support you in both types of cases. We can work to gather psychological and medical expert testimony, witness testimony, photos, messages and other evidence in favor of your claim or defense.

Seek Help When You Need It

If you need urgent counsel for your safety or legal protection, contact a lawyer promptly. With offices in Silver Spring, Upper Marlboro and Frederick, Wampler & Souder is ready to represent you. For a consultation, call 301-668-5111 or send an email today.

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