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How to avoid procrastinating with estate planning

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Estate Planning |

It goes without saying that death is an uncomfortable topic to discuss. This is often a reason why many Maryland residents procrastinate when it comes to estate planning. However, death is something that will happen to every person, so doesn’t it make sense to prepare for it? Here are some strategies that could help any person avoid procrastinating about securing the future of his or her estate.

Keep loved ones in mind

It can be helpful to keep in mind who the estate plan is for. Providing guidance on what should happen in the event of death can be a huge gift to the loved ones who are left behind. Those who implement an estate plan can also save family members from delays and potentially large expenses that come from trying to sort out the estate of a deceased loved one.

What happens with no plan?

Many people need to hear the worst scenarios before they will take action. Without a will or an estate plan, property and assets will have to go through probate and the state will determine what happens to them. For parents who pass away with no plan, the state could also decide who cares for their children.

Keep it simple

Many people put off estate planning because they fear the process will be complicated and expensive. However, creating an estate plan does not have to be overwhelming. A legal representative will do most of the work and guide individuals through the estate planning process. Those in Maryland who have questions or need assistance with any aspect of estate planning could benefit by seeking the services of a seasoned attorney who will thoroughly explain the options and provide the tailored advice to meet specific needs.

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