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What to know when personal injury happens on public property

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Personal Injury |

The state of Maryland is home to a great variety of stores, restaurants and other fine establishments. Visiting these places is a daily activity in the lives of most of those who reside here. The last thing a person expects to happen is to be seriously injured while dining or shopping. However, wet floors, inadequate lighting and foreign objects left on walkways are examples of hazards that are surprisingly common in public places. If a person suffers personal injury on public property due to negligence, here are a few ways he or she can increase the odds of recovering monetary damages.

What to do soon after an accident

If a person falls and is injured in a public establishment, there are a few things he or she should do initially. Take as many photographs as possible. Be sure to include photos of the scene, injuries and any hazards that played a role in the accident. If there were eyewitnesses, it is recommended to get their contact information. Most importantly, seek immediate medical attention by visiting an emergency room or calling for an ambulance.

Proving fault and negligence

Depending on where and how an accident occurred, determining who is responsible can sometimes be complicated. For example, suppose a shopper falls and is injured on an escalator. It would need to be determined if the incident was the store’s fault for not keeping the equipment in good working order, or the manufacturer’s fault if the escalator was defective – or perhaps both the store and the manufacturer. Sometimes, victims may be able to file legal action against multiple parties.

Treating injuries can be expensive and put a person out of work for an extended period of time. Those in Maryland who are injured due to the negligence of property or business owners can benefit by consulting a personal injury attorney with a proven track record for winning premises liability cases. A successful claim could supply victims with deserved and much-needed financial compensation.

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