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Firefighters file lawsuit after suffering injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Injuries |

The state of Maryland has established stringent safety codes and regulations to ensure that the owners of public properties and establishments keep their premises safe for all legal visitors. Property owners here have a duty and obligation to maintain their property and keep the grounds free of potential hazards. Unfortunately, some property owners will ignore premises liability laws, which can directly result in personal injury to visitors.  

Lawsuit filed  

Recently in another state, three firefighters filed a lawsuit against the owner of an apartment complex after they suffered injuries from a natural gas explosion. According to the lawsuit, a domestic dispute occurred on the property, and an alleged shooter shot multiple rounds near Unit 129. The lawsuit claimed that a bullet from the shooting caused a natural gas leak inside the unit. A short time after the incident, the firefighters were inside the unit when it exploded due to the alleged gas leak. 

Firefighters injured  

Allegedly, the firefighters were severely burned and required multiple surgeries. They claim to have suffered permanent injuries and now require ongoing medical care. They hold the owners of the apartment complex responsible over claims of negligence. The lawsuit alleges that the defendant had been warned about violence on their premises but did nothing about it. The plaintiffs are seeking a total of $100 million in damages. 

In Maryland, public properties must be regularly inspected and maintained to identify and eliminate potential hazards. Those who suffer personal injury due to the negligence of property or business owners reserved the right to take legal action and speak with an experienced attorney. A successful premises liability claim could result in rightful compensation to help victims recover lost wages and pay medical expenses. 

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