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The injuries you could suffer in a rear-end accident

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2022 | Auto Accidents |

A car crash can affect the lives of victims in many ways, and the incident itself does not have to be traumatic or serious in order to have a serious effect on your life. In fact, even a minor rear-end collision has the potential to leave you with injuries that can have a long-term impact on your life. It is important not to overlook the implications of this accident and to seek the help you need for a full recovery.

Rear-end accidents often happen for preventable reasons that include following the vehicle ahead too closely, speeding or driving while distracted. If you suffered injuries in a rear-end collision, it is possible you were the victim of the reckless or negligent actions of the driver whose vehicle hit yours. This could give you grounds to pursue financial compensation through a civil claim.

Specific injuries and their side effects

The injuries you could suffer in a rear-end accident depend on factors that include the rate of speed the vehicle was traveling at the time of the crash, the angle of the impact and much more. Head injuries are common, including concussions, and spine injuries can result in pain, debilitation and even permanent damage. In a rear-end accident, a person’s body is thrust forward with significant force, and this can cause serious damage, especially if the person strikes a hard surface in the vehicle.

Whiplash is another type of injury that is common after a rear-end accident. Because of the motion of the body when hit from behind, the head can whip forward and snap back rapidly. This can cause whiplash, which is damage to the neck. A common car accident injury, whiplash can lead to lingering pain, headaches, limited range of motion and other problems that can take weeks or months to resolve.

Your rights after a rear-end accident

A rear-end accident can leave you with physical pain, lingering limitations, expensive medical needs and damage to your personal property. You do not have to navigate the aftermath of this type of event alone, and you can take steps to seek a reasonable recovery through the Maryland civil justice system. An assessment of the accident can help you determine if you have grounds for legal action and how the actions of the other driver contributed to what happened to you.

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