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Wife allegedly suffers injuries while visiting her husband

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Personal Injury |

It’s not uncommon for property or business owners to neglect to appropriately maintain their premises. Obviously, property that has fallen under disrepair can be an accident waiting to happen and cause personal injuries to visitors and customers. If there are hazards present on a public property, they must either be removed or a warning needs to be provided. Fortunately, there are premises liability laws in Maryland that hold property and business owners liable for the safety of lawful visitors.

Couple files lawsuit after injuries

Recently, a couple in another state filed a lawsuit against a medical center after the wife allegedly fell and sustained injuries while visiting her husband. The lawsuit said the husband had a surgical procedure done on his shoulder and was in the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. According to claims, the wife visited the public restroom on the ICU floor and, upon exiting, encountered an uneven threshold that caused her to fall and suffer injuries.

The woman claimed that she broke her ankle and dislocated her right talus due to the fall and had to have surgery. The couple holds the hospital responsible over claims that they failed to provide a warning about the uneven footing and failed to maintain a safe environment. The plaintiffs seek compensatory damages and all just relief.

The aftermath of a personal injury

Public property owners in Maryland have a duty to provide a safe and hazard-free environment for visitors. However, when an individual suffers personal injury due to the negligence of property or business owners, he or she has the right to speak with an attorney and pursue legal recourse. A premises liability claim, if successful, could result in monetary damages to help victims recoup financial losses.

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