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Should you take the first offer in a car crash claim?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Auto Accidents |

Sometimes, one party tries to settle quickly after a car crash. The driver or their insurance company offers the other party an amount to settle that may initially seem too good to refuse. But is it?

Often, the first offer is a poor one. It’s a tactic people use to try and get away with paying less than they should. They know that some people are uninformed about compensation, do not want the hassle of a long claim or are in desperate need of funds. So they throw out a lowball offer on the off chance the other party will accept.

Here is why you probably should not accept

When someone makes this initial offer, they do so out of fear. Fear that they stand to lose much more if you take them to court. Think of it as an admission of guilt – they know they did something wrong. So, rather than jumping at their offer, you need to fathom what they did wrong to cause the crash and how you can prove it.

You might not realize the full extent of your injuries yet

Some injuries can take days to reveal themselves and even longer until doctors can make an accurate long-term prognosis that allows you to understand the compensation you will need. 

You can only settle once. You cannot go back and ask for more if you discover your injuries are more severe than you first thought. That’s why it’s best to get legal help from someone who can help you understand how much you should be entitled to and guide you as to when to accept the other party’s offer.

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