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The defects that could compromise your construction project

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | Construction Law |

A new construction project is an expensive investment and a complex endeavor. It can take months to complete a new building, and you rightfully expect it to be complete according to your specifications. When there are issues with a construction project or after the recent completion of a project, it is more than just a frustration. It can result in serious financial loss or complications with the use of the building, and even present various safety hazards. 

If there are issues with a construction project, who is to blame? As the investor or owner of the project, you hired contractors and other parties to do various tasks at different stages of the process. It is not always easy to determine exactly what happened or who may be to blame, but you do not have to navigate these complicated matters on your own. 

Navigating construction law disputes 

Construction law matters are complicated, and it is not always easy to pinpoint the specific issue that is the source of the problem. A careful and thorough evaluation of the project can help identify the type of defect and provide insight regarding the best way to address it. Some of the most common types of construction defects include: 

  • Material defects — When contractors use deficient materials in their project, it can compromise the overall quality and safety of the entire project. 
  • Design defects — It is possible that the issues with a construction project link all the way back to the original design of the project. A bad design will lead to a defective final product. 
  • Construction defects — The issues with a construction project may link to poor-quality construction, untrained workers, unqualified contractors, deficient work and other issues. 

Once you have identified the issues with your construction project, you will be in a position to determine who is responsible for the financial and practical implications of the defect. 

Legal recourse after a construction defect 

Construction defects can lead to significant financial loss and other serious issues. Depending on the nature of the defect, it may be possible for you to pursue legal action against the responsible party. This is not always an easy process, and you will benefit from having experienced legal guidance at every step, even from the initial assessment of the issues you are encountering.  

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