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When it comes to advance medical directives and powers of attorney, a trusted estate planning attorney can bridge the gap for you between what you think you know and what you need to know about potential scenarios such as:
  • What if you are overseas when some critically important decision needs to be made about your home, vehicle(s) or children?
  • What if you have been kidnapped or jailed or have just gone missing and are unable to show up for financial or legal transactions?
  • What if you suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease someday and need someone close to you to have the authority to make decisions for you?
  • What if you are in a coma and doctors inform your family that they plan to do questionable medical procedures on you? Who would you want to speak up for you?

Answers to questions such as these, according to your wishes, can be translated into powerful testamentary documents known as powers of attorney, including:

  • Springing durable powers of attorney (applying to financial and other legal matters)
  • Special or limited powers of attorney (applying only to specified matters or situations)
  • Durable versus general powers of attorney
  • Medical powers of attorney (which may incorporate advance directives selling out care preferences in addition to naming agents)
  • Guardian of minor child power of attorney

To recap: A power of attorney names a person (and possibly contingent back-up names) who would have the authority to speak for you, and to sign authorizations with the same authority you would have in signing them.

Naturally, a power of attorney is not something to draft or sign without sufficient thought or care. At Wampler & Souder, LLC, we take the time to understand our clients’ wishes, explain the meaning of terms and documents, and ensure that powers of attorney are complete and legally binding.

How To Make Sense Of It All: Through Personalized Legal Advice

Our estate planning attorneys are available to explain and create powers of attorney to meet your needs.

To schedule a consultation in person at one of our local offices (in Silver Spring, Upper Marlboro or Frederick) or through telecommunications, call 301-668-5111. We await your inquiry.

Please note as of late spring, 2020: To accommodate special needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the governor of Maryland allows electronic notarization of documents and has suspended certain in-person witnessing requirements for powers of attorney. Our law firm can guide you in acceptable methods.

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